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Monthly Archives: March 2016

the speaker can speak
as eloquent as ever
the hearer can listen
with earnest endeavour
but if the listener has no ears to hear
nor a ready heart to seek
then the speaker
will have no more words to speak
a voice of deafening silence
will be their common foe
and separately, both,
to the same place will go


because they were cross

they all made their cross

but then they were cross

so they made their cross again

because they were cross…

flapping lips
flapping lips
giving us those useless tips

useless lips
useless lips
until the flapping finally tips

talking heads
talking heads
empty sleep on shallow beds

flapping lips
flapping lips
rudderless sailing ships

without a keel
without a hull
life out at sea is never dull

until you hear the deafening lull of…

flapping lips
flapping lips
giving us all those useless tips

the old blind owl took a peak
to see what he could see
but it was dark again that day
so he saw only as much as you and me

opening the eyes is not enough
as is the idea of sight to the blind
what one cannot see
can very rarely enter the mind

dear god,
i do not ask that you will walk with me
because this you always do…
my prayer is that i will walk with you…
this is the hardest thing to do

nothing’s bad
nothing’s good