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Monthly Archives: June 2015

having run its course, of course

the race always outruns the horse

once full, now spent

same car, new dent

weak shout, time out

next trip, the back flip

stumble, fumble

tummy rumble

got stuck in the great suck-in

out of luck, muck in

the thief runs

the trophy’s stole

empty pedestal

black hole


there once was a blind man who believed he could see

but he couldn’t see you and he refused to see me

so we rallied around and voted him in

and swore allegiance to our new hero and king


he said he’d open our eyes and point us the way

but instead we’ve gone backwards from the very first day

what sounded like truth ended up as a lie

you can’t fill a stomach with pie in the sky


trying hard to make us see what he swore that he could

he said we were running, but instead we just stood

he proclaimed it our day, everything in good time

but the promise was empty as he spun that tired line


so we listened once more and danced to his tune

we built him a castle, ate from his wooden spoon

he gathered us around him like a fat mother hen

and we faithfully voted him in once again


so who is the fool, is it unclear to see?

the idiot our king, or those who believe he can see?


truth like a new day dawns

lies spiral up in ascendency

the winds and rains wash the pollution away

but there is no end in sight

no vision to bring any end to it

welcome all

we are people of the lie

when we lie we speak the truth

we can do no other

with mouths filled with emptiness

we worship

the sun rises once again

another day spins out of control…

welcome to the age of consent