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Monthly Archives: December 2013

like a sticky mist it creeps
filling valleys, covering peaks
it stalks like a cat
keeping low, lying flat
it comes from where
nobody knows
it fumbles the fingers
and stubs all the toes
tripping feet that are fleet
it bloody’s the nose
it is never discreet
to those who oppose
fools just ignore it
the wise tremble with fear
vainly trying to stand firm
when insecurity draws near


one man, lying in state
another man in a state of lying
one man, waited graciously
the other man graces us wastefully
one man, the king of the court
the other one a clown to abort
from wisdom speaks a graceful mouth
but vulgar and wicked are the words of a louse
people come and people go
the way of the world tells us so


The press has been saturated with the passing of Nelson Mandela.  
Our country is emotionally charged as time and change seems to be pressing on relentlessly.  
People come and people go, it’s the way of the world…

At the official funeral procedings the other day our present democratically elected leader, Jacob Zuma, was boo’d and hissed at as he took the microphone during the official proceedings.
One man departs as a hero, a model of virtue and integrity.
Another man stays behind, but does not follow in these footsteps and he will leave no such heritage.
People come and people go, it’s the way of the world…

For many years now I’ve heard quite a bit about the importance of us needing to “shape the young nation” for the future… to shape and steer this fledgling democracy into a stable and prosperous tomorrow. This has come almost exclusively from the mouths of people who are more or less around my age (50-ish) and older.
It sounds like good wisdom doesn’t it?
Under certain circumstances it most definitely is.

However, the more I speak with the younger generation the more I tend to hear a very different idea rapidly emerging.
They seem to not want our dinosaur opinions nor our advice.
They seem to think that the “wisdom” we feel so honour bound and obliged to pass on to them is endemically defective, that in fact, it has caused all the crap we live with now.
They don’t want or need our racist obsessed issues, nor our anal need to “resolve” the issues of the past.
They just want to get on with a new present.
They have no desire to drag a dead and rotten past into their future.
They seem to be sick and tired of our historically locked crap, and our need to perpetually try justify ourselves.
You know what? I don’t blame them.
In fact, I fully agree with them.
I think they’re 100% right.


the simple parrot see
the parrot simply do
no thinking is required
he’s a mimic through and through

but you’ll never be the cock
by being a cocker too
it may well be the best
to simply just be you

a bewildering, naked streak down a neon, public tunnel,
wearing only a flimsy wallet loaded with lies
and unfulfillable promises